Talks, Testing and Hackday

Will AI make our jobs obsolete? Will we use AI in our jobs as Web Developers, Game Developers, UX Designers? Let's explore the future together!

  • Learn about the new curriculum of the Masters Program MultiMediaTechnology
  • Try out 20 different Game- and Web-Projects in our User Testing and Play Testing Session
  • Learn about AI Methods, Tools and APIs and try them out immediately during the AI Hackday

What to bring

Friday: Curiosity

Saturday: Bring your own laptop

What to expect

Real people moving through real space! Top Audio and Video resolution - as only the real world can give you! Accidental encounters in the hallway.


Fr. May 5th - Talks and User Testing

  • 12:30 - Welcome, Session Planning
  • Brigitte Jellinek - Presenting the new Curriculum: Master MultiMediaTechnology
  • Christian Prähauser - Azure Cloud Erfahrungsbericht
  • Lukas Wirth - Haxe, a high performance language
  • Thomas Siller - Monorepos und NX
  • 14:00-17:00 - User Testing, Play Testing of 20 different Game- and Web-Projects

Sa. May 6th - AI Hackday

  • 9:00 - Welcome, Breakfast
  • 9:30-11:30
  • Predicting the Stock Market with Machine Learning
  • Using AI for Research
  • Using Dall-E and Chat-GTP to create Fake News
  • Lie Detection with AI
  • Topic Modelling for a Subreddit
  • OCR as a Service
  • Using ChatGPT from PHP
  • 11:30 - Work on your own projects
  • 15:12 Doors Close


This event is free - thanks to our sponsors!

Our Team

Brigitte Jellinek

The Boss - Web Development