What is a Barcamp?

A Barcamp is an ad-hoc conference for people to share and learn in an open environment. Everyone is invited to participate by offering a talk, kicking off a discussions, showing a demo, asking questions, .... the  participants are the main actors of the event.

A  rough schedule is set up ahead of time, but 99% of the content is filled in on the day. Please show up for the "session planning" on the first day to get the most from the event. You can offer something that will be added to the session plan, or you can ask for topics and hope that other participants will step up.

We have three rooms, so there might be up to three tracks for the event.


Friday Nov 10th

  • 9:00 Keynote
  • 10:00 Session Planning
  • 11:00 Lightning Talks
  • 12:00-12:30 Lunch break
  • Talks
  • 13:30-14:30 - Usertesting of MMT Master-Projects
  • Talks

Saturday Nov 11th


This event is free - thanks to our sponsors!

Our Team

Brigitte Jellinek

The Boss - Web Development

Radomir Dinic

The Boss - Game Development

Melanie Daveid

Human Centered Design